Did Someone Gift You A Book With A Personal Message?
Is that how you arrived here? Someone obviously cares about you and what you think. That's great.
Do you want to give the same gift to the people you care about, with your own personal message? Well, you can with just a few mouse-clicks.
You can personalize the same book (& others on this site) to give to your friends. Add your photo and message and that's it, out pops your own personal version of a fabulous book that you can gift to others.
You have a choice: do you just add your name, email, photo and message? If so, next time you have to come and repeat the whole thing.
But if you do the simple and totally free registration, you get your own account. We keep for you, all your multiple photos can, messages and even all the personalized books you created. They will be ready for reuse so you don't have to go through the upload every time. And you will always have access to your past books.
Very Important: When you register (for free), in due course you can also get free access to books from other authors on any subject you are interested in and only those subjects.
We hope you enjoy our free gift of "giving gifts to others". Remember there is no greater gift than knowledge. And 'that' is what you will be giving to your friends through this system.